Thursday, 8 September 2011

WARNING .. highly addictive!

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Click Track Profit

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Sunday, 7 August 2011

We All Need Traffic...

Yes it's true we all need visitors to our sites otherwise we are like a shop with it's doors locked. I normally promote other peoples stuff here but today I'm going to give myself a plug. As you know I try different programs out and post them here to help you get more traffic to your sites and I have 2 great Te's for you to try, well 3 actually one belongs to a friend of mine.

The first is LTE Hit Circle and the other is my new site High Roller Hits, I have big plans for these two TE's and I'd love for you to come along for the ride. LTe Hit Circle is a fairly new but growing Traffic Exchange and has many features. We have Surf For Cash, Super Credit Surf, The Te Toolbox Site Checker, a Personalized Splash Page so you can brand yourself. and many more tools to help you business grow.

High Roller Hits is very new and also growing and  has some great features for you we have Power Surf, Games, Downline Builder, Login Bonus Page and much more. I am also adding Surf For Cash and a Lottery game soon as well as the TE Toolbox site checker. This all takes time but gives us all something to look forward to.

Before I mention my friends TE, I am giving away free 1 Month Free Upgrades to all new members to help you on the way. So now's the time to join up and take advantage of this great offer, and while you're doing that check out my mate Johnno's site. Hit Bear has been around for a lot longer than My TE's but has a new look and is going strong he is a great bloke and like me is always around to help you out if you need it.

Hit Bear also has the TE Toolbox  Site Checker and a Personalized Rotator another great branding tool for you, and you never know when Johnno's going to throw in the random cash prize pages so you can win some free cash.

What more can you ask for three great sites and plenty of freebies and best of all plenty of free traffic to your sites with the option to upgrade at very reasonable rates if you don't have time to surf.

Monday, 4 July 2011

The Power Of Traffic

I have been very busy lately not only have I launched a new TE, but I branched out and also launched an ad exchange. I'm really excited about this as this is a new challenge for me, and I'm working my butt of to make it as successful as my TE's. I have an extra advantage because I love what I do and I really enjoy helping my members when ever I can. 

We have a fantastic support system and even live chat if you need an answer in a hurry, we try to be online as often as possible, but if we're not you can leave a message and we'll get back to you asap, and I mean asap.

To get you started I have a special promo just for my TE members and my blog readers...if you sign up now after you activate your account just enter promo1 in the redeem code box in the members area for a very special free advertising package.

I hope you enjoy The Power Of Traffic...

High Roller Hits Is In Town!

I have launched a new site High Roller Hits and it's gonna be big. There are many features we have login bonuses, power surf , Direct builder where you can add your programs for other members to see. I am also working on sprucing up the splash pages so you can promote you fav programs all on one page and much more.

I have a special offer on now I am giving away 3000 banner/text impressions to all new members until we reach 500 members, these will go fast so join now while they are still available.

See You There....


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Powerful New Social Site

I joined this site yesterday and I am already getting great exposure, this site is amazing with so many great features to get your sites seen.

Here are just some of their features.

IboURL shorten all your urls and get the free toolbar on your sites a great way to brand yourself.

One of the best feature is that users are indexed by all the major search engines Every 48 hours Google, Yahoo, Bing etc come through IBO and update themselves based on your profile information.

Blogging with a difference..write a blog and get your own personal page with all your blog posts...more exposure for you.

Create a fanpage at Facebook again more exposure.

Place free banner or text ads ...

This all comes free, no charge at all, you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Clickvoyager Gets The Job Done For Me!

Clickvoyager is a Traffic Exchange that has been around for years and has well and truly passed the test of time. I've been a member of click voyager since 2007 and I only stay with sites that work for me and my business. As a well established successful TE, Clickvoyager offers great incentives to keep members coming back each day.

This TE has many features which makes you're surfing not only useful as a business tool but a lot of fun too. For a start there is the  Monday and a Half promotion, where 3 lucky surfers can win a 7 day Platinum Membership, and while you are surfing you get to play hangman, high or low and the letter hunt. It doesn't stop there when you are finished surfing you can earn more free credits on the CV slots with the free spins you win while surfing.

If you're adventurous you can try your luck on the Click Voyage where you can win up to 5000 credits in just 88 clicks if you are successful in your quest. I really enjoy this TE and surf it almost everyday and that's only because my business keeps me too busy to surf it every day. I first joined CV when I had my other Traffic Exchange 3 years ago and got many sign ups from CV, I am still using it to promote my new TE and are still getting sign ups from CV.

In fact I'm probably wasting my time writing this post because you're probably already a member, but if not click the banner below, you won't be disappointed...

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I Found Another Great Free Tool For You

I've been changing the look of a few of my sites the last few days and in the process came across a great free tool to help me along. A little while I told you about the online text editor for us technically challenged, this one I found is an online image editor. I have been replacing my headers and found this very useful for adding text.

It's very easy to use...all you do is find an image you want to use for whatever purpose, upload it to the image editor and add your text or edit it to your taste. You can do pretty much whatever you need to enhance your image. I used it for the new header for this blog, hope you like the new look.

You Can Find It Here

Have fun with it, I hope it will be a great help for your projects.